Wire projection (Metallization)

The projection by wire, as well as the projection by high speed, does not alter the metallographic structure of the coated parts or produce deformations as it is a “cold” procedure.

With this procedure we can apply high thicknesses to the parts to be treated, which is why it is ideal for parts that have suffered very high mechanical wear, parts that have suffered high wear due to chemical corrosion, or to restore parts out of tolerance.

The dimensions of the cabin allow us to cover pieces of sizes up to 3 meters in diameter.

The metallization process is also used for coating paper mill rolls with molybdenum, coating of automotive parts, graphic arts, hydroelectric power plants …

To carry out wire coatings we have equipment to project by combustion and electric arc equipment or “Arc Spray”. With both equipments we can cover both external diameters and internal diameters, and they are designed to be able to do work “in situ”.